The jersey to ride when it’s time to roll with those mad dogs and Englishmen out in the mid-day sun.*

Fun WIth Cameras – Bicycle Riding Self Portraits and other ideas… from Joey Bike on Vimeo.

* It’s always a fantastic time to get a ride in When the sun is bright and the day warm.

And while your heart, legs and lungs heartily agree, your skin may offer a dissenting opinion. One only needs to pay attention to the pictures in the dermatologist‘s examining room to foreswear this cycling-when-it’s-sunny business and do the rest of one’s riding on a stationary bike in a damp basement somewhere. Cycling in the sun can often be especially hard on our arms, as they directly face the sun.

Until now, those of us who are “melatonin-challenged” could only choose between sticky sunscreen or clingy arm warmers. But now there’s The Ginger Jersey. This garment, USA made from a medium-light Aries Micro Plus fabric, is rated at 35+ SPF, it’s loose around the arms for ventilation, and sports a snappy tartan plaid. It offers a full-zipper up front for a wide range of temperature options. Layer up for mild to cool weather or wear just this jersey for those times when the heat and sunshine make a visit together.

You don’t need red hair and freckles to make use of this jersey. Anyone who wants to reduce their sun exposure while riding can wear this garment with pride. So let’s call it Ginger-approved.

And if the sun makes mischief and dips behind the heath before your return home, we’ve got you covered as the jersey is built with 3M Scotchlite™ Retro-reflective bands on the back and sleeves. Designed and fabricated in California USA by people who shouldn’t be out riding in the middle of the day, but love doing it nonetheless.

Just added: Due to popular demand, we’ve added a short sleeve Ginger women’s jersey to our line up. Made of the same Aries Micro Plus fabric, without the long sleeves or the reflective accents.