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Simple Squares Organic Nutrition Bars



Simple Squares® are real food that will easily fit in your jersey pocket. Simple Squares are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and totally paleo. Simple Squares have only five ingredients, and every one is familiar, and, believe it or not, pronounceable by your basic 5th grader.

Simple squares is a great product to bring along with you on every ride you go on. Toss a couple more into your travel bag, glove box, your desk at work, wherever you think you might feel peckish. They’ll keep you going.

Simple Squares are also infused with vanilla and herbs – like rosemary, sage, chile pepper, and ginger – and is artfully blended with nuts and honey to create something quick, pure and delicious.  Simple Squares doesn’t claim to be an energy bar, a lifestyle bar (whatever that means), or a protein bar – it’s actually all of those – but Simple Squares keeps it, well, simple. Because great tasting food should be food, after all. Made in the USA.

Choose among eight interesting flavors. Mix and match and when you buy ten we’ll throw in the 11th with our compliments!

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