Titanium-Carbon Bangle “The Jacques”


Materials make a difference:

Imagine the Donner Party emigrating in Conestoga wagons of vectran-impregnated carbon fiber, or maybe Shackleton's crew making use of neoprene and GoreTex. If these materials were put into service, history might have been different, and success achieved.

Similarly, modern cyclists also place emphasis on selection of proper material: carbon fiber, duralumin, titanium, chromium – both stainless and molybdenum steel. It's important to know and count on the materials that we rely on to carry us reliably down one mountain pass and up the next. We, as fellow cyclists, invite you to celebrate our cumulative attention to relevant cycling materials with our Technical Bangle, “The Jacques.”

The The Jacques is a single curve of woven carbon fiber, skillfully set into a slightly wider band of titanium alloy. It's a subtle and minimal statement we can wear on our wrists that directly references the materials that keep us moving on our bikes.

The The Jacques weighs 20 grams, which is approximately the same mass of a medium-sized hiccup. With a weight that paltry, you can wear it during any high-profile time trial and be assured that it won't slow you down at all, so you can sooner get back to the business of avoiding the paparazzi over your scandalous affair.

The The Jacques comes in one size, let's call it “one size fits most;” for larger wrists it rests near the hand; and on smaller wrists can be fashionably pushed up a bit on the forearm. It's interior dimensions are 64mm on the long axis, 52mm on the short axis (a touch larger than 2 x 2.5″), and its internal circumference is 188mm (or 7 and 3/8″).

The Jacques matches up nicely with our ringThe Bernard,” and is fabricated for us in China by Inox.

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