Cog Wine Glass (set of 2)


Until now, the only way any self respecting cyclist would drink wine would be with cupped hands. That is, Until today.

Introducing the Cog Wine Glass, Elevengear’s solution for the drinking cyclist.

The Cog Wine Glass is intended to be used by people who would describe themselves as within the union in the venn diagram of people who both like to ride bikes and also drink wine.

It’s a hand-blown object, fabricated one at a time, by Ryan Teurfs, master glass blower and owner of West County Glass. Seemingly as if by magic, Ryan incorporates a real cog into the glass at precisely the right moment, trapping the cog around the stem for the life of the glass. Each one is unique, holding anywhere from an 11 to a 17-tooth cog.

Due to the unique shape of the glass and from our exhaustive testing, we found the cog wine glass pairs best with the following: red wine, white wine, and Diet Dr. Pepper. Further research is, of course, ongoing.

The Cog Wine Glass ships in pairs, securely double boxed and well-padded throughout. Pairs of cog wine glasses have different sized cogs so telling them apart is easy. The Cog Wine Glass is great to keep in your own tasting room, but is also a unique gift to other like-minded cyclist-drinkers.

Disclaimer: we stongly believe that cycling and drinking, while both enjoyable activities, should not be pursued in parallel. We’ve found that riding first, and drinking wine after makes for the most effective strategy.

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