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Coined after the popular nickname of the famed Milan-San Remo cycling classic, our Classissima Gloves are timeless, luxurious and relevant. Classissima gloves are fabricated in the USA using premium deerskin and sweat resistant stitching. They are at once luxurious and extremely useful.

These gloves come in one classic color, buff, and coordinate perfectly with any cycling kit and any bicycle — from a modern electronic-shifting hydraulic-disc-brake ride to an Eroica-worthy classic steel machine.

Instead of velcro or other hook and loop closure, Classissima gloves use a classic and utilitarian metal snap closure. If it’s good enough for the titans of our sport, well, it will surely work well for you too.

No terry cloth strip for wiping your nose. ‘Cause man, that’s just gross.

Classissima gloves are made by hand, with considerable attention to detail, one at a time, in a small shop in California, from domestic materials. From the stitching to the location and thickness of the padding, carefully-stitched knuckle openings and floret-pattern perforations, we’ve thought through what a glove should do, and how it should fit and feel.

Clasissima gloves are minimally padded — the supple deerskin itself cancels a good amount of road vibration yet allowing a great road feel. The material also adds a sure grip to bikes with slicker tape fitted to the bars.

Classissima gloves feel and wear — like butter! — out of the box and over time your Classissima gloves may begin to confer a certain amount of hard-won character while still staying soft and quite pliable.

Selecting the right size:
Classissima gloves run true to size to slightly larger. Our premium deerskin is flexible and supple and as such will adapt to the shape of your hand, stretching initially and slightly from your hand’s warmth. To measure your hand circumference for size, use a flexible tape measure from the place between index finger and thumb as it wraps around the meatiest part of your palm well below your little finger.

XS: 17 cm, SM: 19 cm, MD: 22 cm, LG: 24 cm, XL: 27 cm, 2X: 29 cm, 3X: 31 cm

Taking the gloves off:
No need for any extra straps. Simply peel them off gently, inside out. Bring them back to their normal state after they are off your hand.

How to wash and care for your Classissima gloves:
These gloves are made of skin, so wash them as such: while wearing them, simply wash your hands with mild moisturizing soap and warm water. Take the gloves off your hands and allow them to dry in ambient air. You may put them back on your hands before they become completely dry to help the gloves remember the shape of your hands, but we’ve found with deerskin that is not strictly necessary.



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XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X


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