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Butyl Rubber Clutch Wallet


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When you need to keep your Android (or any cell phone for that matter) safely stowed and you need a bit more room for other goodies, like for instance a set of contacts, money, keys, a slim set of spectacles, pharmaceuticals, or whatnot (and especially the whatnot), may we present to you our minimalist clutch wallet for consideration.

Because our marketing people keep telling us that people respond to bulleted lists, here’s our attempt at our describing the clutch’s “feature set”:

•It’s made from recycled inner tubes designed and fabricated in Sebastopol California USA.

•It has a special optical cloth-lined inner pouch that will accommodate any phone up to almost the insanely largest Android phone (pouch width: 5 3/8″ long  by 3 3/4″ wide – 13.65 x 9.53 cm). Meaning you can keep an emory board and your phone in the same pouch and no harm will befall your technology

•The clutch wallet is small enough (at 7 3/8″ x 4″ – 18.73 x 10.16 cm) to easily fit into the cycling pocket of any of our jerseys.

•It’s splash resistant (okay but to be clear, we never said you could take it abalone diving).

•It’s designed and fabricated in California, USA.

•As it’s made of grippy butyl rubber, it will stay in the pocket and not be tempted to go wandering about the world without your permission.

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