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Customer comments:

(Coral Snake short-sleeve jersey)
It arrived today and it’s awesome. It’s a bday gift for my boyfriend Jake who’s nickname is Snake :)
Thank you so so much for your help!!! He’s going to love it!

(BTW yes I definitely believe in Santa Claus. :)

-Virginia N.

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(The Ginger jersey)
The order arrived today in good order. Looks very good.

Thanks, -Gordon W.

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(Coral Snake long-sleeve jersey)
Hi, just to let you know the jacket arrived safely and fits a treat. I think i am probably the only rider with one in Cambridgeshire so look forward to turning a few heads.

Cheers, -Gary D.

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(Traffic Master long-sleeve jersey)
Just a note to let you know I got the jersey (and the HAT! Thanks forthat) and it’s great. Exactly what I was hoping it would be. Fits great
over my stocky-non-italian-race-fit frame (still waiting on the midwestern-scandinavian-corn-fed-fit jerseys) and looks great! Going to wear it to my evening ride tonight …

Anyhow, thanks again for the splendid customer service. I really appreciate it …

Thanks again, -Matt K.

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(Original Equipment gloves)

Hey, I love these gloves. I just ordered three more pair! … Thanks for a great product …

Best, -Steve W.

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(Original Equipment gloves)
Thanks for this, that’s outstanding service. Really appreciate it.

Cheers, -Graeme S.

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(Poseur cap)
It is a lovely cap! Thank you so much. I look forward to wearing it with pride next month as I pedal 200 miles in two days from Monroe, NC to Sunset Beach, NC in Bike MS: Breakaway to the Beach!

-Joey B.

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I just got back from the RAGBRAI and got SO MANY compliments on the day that I wore my ElevenGear Coral Snake (short-sleeve) jersey!  It’s AWESOME, and great for city riding!

I’ve bought a fair amount of your stuff, but just wanted to let you know that you’re really awesome! Thanks for the creativity and great products!

-John M.

~ ~ ~

First of all,  Thank you so much for offering such quality products to the Cycling community.  I am a big of fan your company.  I’d like to share with you some feedback regarding your Coral Snake jersey which I lOVE.  I was riding the AIDS life Cycle ride from San Francisco to LA in early June this year.  I wore your long sleeves Coral Snake jersey in two of the 7 days.  I must tell you that I received many many many compliments from fellow cyclists about my jersey on the road in those 2 days.  I would say easily 40-50 compliments from both male and female cyclist.

-Ruby C.

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(Eddie Would Ride T-shirt)
Thanks, that is a sweet shirt.

-Sean W.

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(Traffic Master short-sleeve jersey)
We got the jerseys today.  My wife and I love them. I like how bright the traffic master is and will probably order one for myself. Do you have anywhere to submit a review of your products on your page?? I would like to submit one s soon as I give it a good use on a longer ride.

-Jamie T.

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(Poseur team kit)
Got my kit today and that was prompt. Thanks so much. My riding buddy is gonna get a poseur kit soon so we can have the San Marcos chapter of the Poseur team. Look out Froome. And it fits perfectly.

-Elroy A.

~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for exchanging the Jersey.  The new one fits great and I have been using it.  My kids loved the tattoos.  Thank you again for being so helpful!!!!

-Lionel H.

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Traffic Master (short-sleeve jersey) arrived in good order. It’s, er, brilliant. Am off to scare small children, pets and the odd motorist.

Thanks, -Pat K.

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(Technical bangle)
Received today 8-)

By the way, it’s awesome …
-Thierry T.

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(Anaerobia kit)

That I made the climb (Fargo Street Hillclimb Challenge), I attribute in good part to the jersey (Luckily, I didn’t quite live up to the Republic’s full motto, though). And at 65, I think I might have been the oldest rider who made it this year.

I always get good comments about my jersey when I ride with a group.

-Dave W.

~ ~ ~

Got my Coral Snake long-sleeve jersey last night and braved the frosty Ireland weather to wear it this morning. Absolutely awesome – I felt like the most visible thing for miles around. Can’t wait for it to warm up a bit so I can order the short sleeve version as well!

Regards, -Toby S.

~ ~ ~

(order from Australia)
The jersey arrived yesterday and it’s fantastic!! … I’m really appreciative of the excellent service – especially combined with such great products. I’ll be spreading the word among all of my cycling buddies and ordering again with you very soon.

Regards, -David C.

~ ~ ~

(order from Finland)
I received the package today! Awesome stuff! The materials and the finish on the cap and the jersey is a lot nicer than I expected. On top of it, the delivery was faster than some domestic web shops.

You guys just made my day. :)

-Sakari K.

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(Doppler Shift jersey)
I was desperately searching for the perfect jersey to give to my husband this past Christmas when I happened upon your website on FACEBOOK!!! i don’t usually notice the ads, but somehow yours caught my eye, and now my cycling fanatic of a husband is thrilled with his new “look” for this season of century and double-century rides.  I am sure that he will go faster!

Thanks so much for putting out a uniquely humorous AND quality product!

-Susan S.

~ ~ ~

(Saturn V jersey)
Got it – and the fit is perfect. Thanks for the cool and unique product, and the outstanding service. I’ve told three of my cycling friends about your website. I’ll also put a good note on the Roadbike forums I visit about your website and attention to customer service.

-Doug B.

~ ~ ~

just a quick email to say my new Republic of Anaerobia jersey and cap arrived a couple of days ago and they look and fit GREAT!!

I wore my new jersey this morning for track training, doing sprint efforts of course. Very republican! Lots of nice comments on the jersey pre-vomitus ;-)

Thanks again, -Lawrence M.

~ ~ ~

I just got your Traffic Master (long-sleeve) Jersey today and love it! How many times do you see something online or in a catalog, then find that it ain’t what you hoped for? Not this time. It’s better than I thought it would be.

The sleeves fit my “monkey” arms. The fabric is fabulous. Cut is perfect for my Medium bod. Super comfy. A real attention getter. The only thing you could add is padded wrists for when the New Orleans cops slap the cuffs on me after jamming Code 11-1205 in their faces for accusing me of allegedly obstructing traffic.

It’s not often I get excited about clothing. Thanks for a GREAT piece!

-Joey D.

~ ~ ~

(Traffic Master long-sleeve jersey)
Damn Rick, that thing is BRIGHT!!!! Record time in getting it to me.

Thanks very much, -Tom F.

~ ~ ~

Just wanted to thank you for the Traffic Master (long-sleeve) jersey which is stopping traffic every where I ride. It’s everything you advertise–and more. You might want to mention the three back pockets in your copy, but, heck, it’s your company.

Thanks again, -Roy P.

~ ~ ~


Got the Race Number Windbreaker yesterday – it is *AWESOME* !!!!!!!

Thank you guys SOOO MUCH for such a cool way to re-use something that we’ve worked hard for … very cool to have a wearable scrapbook.

Cheers, -Tim C.