Visually fashionable? Fashionably visible? We like to think this as the kit you’ve got to be seen in.*

* Having once again grabbed the spotlight at Milan Fashion Week 2014, bad-boy designer Olaf Pittige easily rolled to the front of high visibility fashion with the unveiling of his fabulously eye-blistering new cycling kit. Aptly named Two-Tone Siren after the livery of European emergency vehicles that transport the stylishly wounded and arrest the criminally unseen denizens of the cycling fashion world.

Based on solid research into conspicuity (such as this), the Two Tone Siren employs a modified checkerboard or Battenburg pattern, using this season’s hottest color –fluorescent yellow, and deftly pairing it with a glowering, brooding cyan, to, in effect, redefine the idiom of the visibility garment. On both the short-sleeved raglan jersey and anatomically-cut shorts, a handful of reflective squares are placed strategically on the garment, to extend the jersey’s cornea-burning fabulousness, making the dark hours sparkle with excitement.

With the matching shorts, he explores a black structured look to further express the outrageously eye-catching appeal as it extends toward the knee. In both pieces the backside transitions seamlessly with the cyan areas yielding suddenly to bright red, affecting an equally striking visage when departing the scene. Pittige has gone on further to playfully extend the line to socks that echo the pattern once again, keeping the entire ensemble coordinated and imbued with a sassy and brash attitude. All components of the Two Tone Siren were designed and fabricated in the USA, and Pittige insists that no checkerboards were harmed during either the research or production phases of the design.

Once again, Pittige has captured the essence of the dynamic, hyper-visual cyclist. Bravo!