Retina-searing, Listerine™ for the eyes cycling apparel. Includes the uniform vehicle code on every jersey.*

* Sometimes we find ourselves on the road during those times when daylight is failing. At times like these we grudgingly agree with those “experts” who say that being seen while riding is “important.”

… and this is exactly why we created our Traffic Master jerseys. Our goal was to make the brightest cycling jersey that we could conceive of, a retina-searing, listerine-for-the-eyes kind of garment that will keep us comfortable and quite visible to our motorist friends during dawn, dusk, night, the gloaming hours, and when the fog creeps in on cat’s feet.

The Traffic Master is an arresting blend of high-contrast and fluorescent striping with3M Scotchlite™ Retro-reflective bands on the back and sleeves. It has extremely vivid, high-contrast color combinations, reflective stripes on the sleeves and in two horizontal strips along the back pockets, an international traffic warning triangle on the back. The Traffic Master sports a full-zipper. As always on our jerseys, it has three generous pockets.

• SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE — If, while riding, you are approached by a motorist who wishes to “discuss” whether your presence in the roadway is a lawful endeavor in the first place, as a courtesy to you, we have added the text of the United States Uniform Vehicle Code, §11-1205 (to the sleeve on the long sleeve jersey, and the chest on the short sleeve model), which explains in reasonable detail that a cyclist is in fact allowed the right hand side of the road, as well listing the circumstances under which the cyclist is legally entitled to the entire lane.

*a technical note: the Uniform Vehicle Code is a suggested standard for all US states, but there may be some variation from state-to-state. But for certain, it’s a great way to start a conversation.