Will you be both seen and noticed when you are wearing this kit? Oh, hell yes.*

* While subtlety may well be an important trait to posses in modern world, for cyclists, it has little place in the performance gear we wear.

Of course we want to be seen, but more than that, we need to be noticed by the motorists with whom we share our roads. It’s this philosophy that has guided the design approach to the Elevengear Viz line of cycling clothing, a coordinated set of cycling clothes that are highly visible, reflective, and aggressively styled.

The Elevengear Viz is our answer to dull jerseys or even the identity-killing and ubiquitous lime green garb that’s seen on every group ride. We’ve set two very strong colors – pure red and fluorescent yellow – against each other at repeating diagonals, and consistently stressed this motif throughout the collection, down to the reflective elements that adorn the jersey and shorts.

The result is a vibrant design that is intended to make even brain dead texting teens snap to awareness of your existence (okay no guarantees on that but if they can’t see this jersey then there really is no hope).

The separate components are made in the USA of quality materials and feature modern upgrades: The jerseys offer a full zipper and roomy pockets, while both the shorts and bibshorts are built around the super comfortable Torino chamois pad.

This extensible line is designed to add searing visibility to every component. Wear them separately for a stylishly bright and obvious upgrade, or put it all together for amassive coordinated visual assault.