Cool new stuff made from stuff that was once something else entirely.*

UpcycledTrioShaWe modern, first-world humans, make it our practice to cast off our used items into the rubbish bin, where they enter some landfill and moulder for millenia until such time as robots from another galaxy will no doubt unearth our fecund heaps to learn more about our foolhardy ways.

One way to diminish this frankly rather embarrassing scenario is to find novel uses for previously loved materials that would otherwise be tossed aside (or, heaven forbid, find their way into, say, the Pacific Gyre). Two interesting consumable materials that we hate to just launch into our middens are butyl rubber and tyvek.

So it is with some head scratching and staying up a bit past bedtime to tinker with the concept that we’ve designed some upcycled products for the cycling minded. Sure, the amount we’re diverting is not much, but, as it turns out, everything counts. Have a look at our work to-date, and please also revisit soon as upcycled and repurposed goodness is something we believe in strongly—we have plans to grow this selection further in the near future.