Great tools have a way of elevating the nobility of the task.

And similarly, our FondoPro products have a way of making every ride that much … better. We set out to create beautiful, great performing, exceptionally supple deerskin gloves and wool socks for both your epic rides and easy rolls round town. Our FondoPro line is designed to look great with any cycling kit. And due to the quality of material and workmanship, FondoPro will last for years. (read on)

 More on our gloves: our FondoPro gloves are made of 100% deerskin and are minimally-padded, as deerskin itself is a fantastic vibration isolator. The padding does extend toward the wrist an extra 1.5 cm for better coverage in case of a “mishap.” Unlike other leathers, deerskin just gets softer with age. If you already have deerskin moccasins or work gloves you already know. Your FondoPro gloves will start out soft and get even softer over time, unlike other leather gloves that can get cracky and cardboard-y with use.

We’ve designed the FondoPro gloves with a unique yet classic style, featuring a perforated back for ventilation, and a subtle embossed Elevengear logo on the hook and loop closure. The back of the glove is great for wiping your face, but there are no terrycloth snot deposition zones on these gloves, because, well, ick.

To make the FondoPro, We’ve partnered with a remarkable craftsman, Hussain, a glove making specialist in the USA who is devoted to creating gloves of exceptional quality. The deerskin is also sourced in the USA from deer that have been legally taken. Supply of quality deerskin can get scarce, so not all sizes in all colors may be available at all times, and we will re-stock as conditions allow.