FondoPro Deerskin Gloves – Daybreak Blue

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Daybreak Blue is the glove that matches your blue kit or the blue bits of it. The gloves that say you are the coolest customer on every ride you’re on. You’re the one with the glassy smooth pedal stroke, the one who can track-stand at the stoplight, the one who orders obscure coffee beverages in Milanese-accented Italian at Starbucks. Dude, I can’t believe you don’t have these gloves yet!

FondoPro gloves are minimally padded — the supple deerskin itself cancels a good amount of road vibration yet allowing a great road feel.

Selecting the right size:
FondoPro gloves run true to size to slightly larger. Our deerskin is flexible and pliant and as such will adapt to the shape of your hand, stretching initially and slightly from your hand’s warmth. To measure your hand circumference for size, use a flexible tape measure from the place between index finger and thumb as it wraps around the meatiest part of your palm well below your little finger.

XS: 17 cm, SM: 19 cm, MD: 22 cm, LG: 24 cm, XL: 27 cm, 2X: 29 cm, 3X: 31 cm

Taking the gloves off:
Simply peel them off gently, inside out. Bring them back to their normal state after they are off your hand.

How to wash and care for your FondoPro gloves:
These gloves are made of skin, so wash them as such: while wearing them, simply wash your hands with soap and warm water. Take the gloves off your hands and allow them to dry in ambient air. You may put them back on your hands before they become completely dry to help the gloves remember the shape of your hands, but we’ve found with deerskin that is not strictly necessary.

Dye Transfer:
Depending on the length of your first ride with them, the Ph and amount you sweat, a small amount of leather dye may transfer onto your hands the first ride you do with FondoPro gloves. If it happens, it is a transient issue with our blue gloves. You can safely wash the dye off your hands with soap and warm water.

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XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X


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