Butyl Rubber iPhone 5 Case


Our super svelte, stylish case greatly reduces the risk of damage to your new iPhone 5 from moisture and sweat while also keeping it easily accessible.

Just as importantly, this upcycled little gem is made right here in Sebastopol from reused butyl rubber, which previously served as a bicycle inner tube. Inherently grippy, the case holds your phone snugly and stays inside your jersey pocket no matter what your on-the-bike gyrations may be. A vivid, built-in pull-ribbon and thumb cut-out make it a cinch to slide the phone in and out of the case. We’ve sewn an optical cleaning cloth into the interior, so the mere act of taking out—and, say, texting your beloved your new KOM record—and returning the phone to the case helps to keep the face plate clean.

Lastly, the front pocket is just big enough to hold a driver’s license, credit card, a couple of bills and a regular car key, making this a super-compact kit that can carry all those things that make you a responsible citizen-consumer-cyclist. Or is that a cycling-citizen-consumer? Well, anyhow, you get the point. Designed and fabricated in California, USA.

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Weight 3.1 oz